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National Conference at IoBm unfolds miracles of Data Science

national-conference-unfolds-miracles-of-data-scienceLahore : National Conference on Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics (MCE 10) opened at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi on October 29, 2016. The theme for the Conference was “Data Science” and its applications.

The Conference provided opportunity for the participants to exchange ideas, present solutions and discuss best practices in the fields of Actuarial Science, Business Management, Computer Science and Information Systems, Economics and Finance, Mathematics and Statistics.

At the very outset of the Conference specialists shared with IoBM Public Affairs that this forum aims at providing pertinent ideas and insights to unfold miracles of Data Science with the promise and potential to revolutionize the very socio-economic developmental fabric of our society and simplify complex and intricate Data Science processes to benefit public at large.

Invited to this Conference were Chief Guest, Mr. Shahzad G. Dada, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB); Guest of Honor, Prof. Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, President, University of Kuala Lumpur; Guest Speakers Sheharyar Kazmi, General Manager, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and Waqar Ahmed Siddiqui, Chief Internal Auditor, PIA, top-of-the-line multinationals, professionals, specialists, researchers, academicians, IoBM students, faculty, management and staff.

Rector IoBM,  Talib S. Karim presented an overview of the IoBM, the future expansion of its campus and congratulated the CCSIS for organizing the MCE for ten years in a row. Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Dean, CCSIS, while sharing the Conference Objectives said understanding data facilitates in taking decisions in an organization and that IoBM is the first business management institute to attach practical importance to data science. Mr. Shahzad G. Dada, CEO, SCB was of the view that where data presents actionable insights to an organization it helps a company take good decisions and produce products and services tailored around the customer’s need.

The Guest of Honor, Prof. Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, President, University of Kuala Lumpur emphasized on data science bringing a global e-revolution by expediting innovation, disseminating knowledge and connecting the world for knowledge sharing in all disciplines. Dr. S. M. Aqil Burney, Head of Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management, IoBM, delivered the introductory note. Mr. Muhammad Asghar Khan, Asst. Professor, Computer Science, CCSIS and Coordinator of this Conference delivered the welcome address.

Technical Session Chair was Dr. Javed Hussain, HoD, Mathematics and Social Science, IBA Sukkur. Invited to present papers during this session were Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Dr. Ehtesham Hussain, Professor Masoodul Haq, Ubaidullah, Dr. Muhammad Saleem Chandio, Bilal Qaisar, Sajid Nadeem, Muhammad Usman Siddiq, Dr. Ahmed F. Siddiqi, Ms. Syeda Arjumand Rizvi, Tayyab Faraz, Ms. Rafia Shafi, Syed Wajid Ali, Syed Monis Jawed, Ms. Tanzeela Yaqoob, Ms. Rahat Bibi, Junaid S. Siddiqui, Syed Saad Ali, Muhammad Faraz, Jamil Akhter, and Samreen Fatima.

Professor Masoodul Haq was also invited to Chair another Technical Session. Invited to present papers during this session were Dr. S M Aqil Burney, Adnan Alam Khan, Ms. Tahira Khan, Wajahat Hussain, Ms. Maria Andleeb Siddiui, Najmi Ghani Haider, Razi Ahmed, Usama Ehsan Khan, Osama Ejaz, Laiq Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Waqar Khan, Muhammad Asghar Khan, Wajahat Ali, Muhammad Alam, Ms. Sadia Kareem, Farhan Mazhar, Ms. Arifa Maqsood, and Ms. Shamaila Burney.

The vote of thanks of various sessions were presented by IoBM’s Laiq Muhammad Khan, Senior Fellow, Mathematics and Statistics, Ms. Sumaira Khan, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics; Ms. Rabab Naqvi, Lecturer, Computer Science; Syed Farhan Mazhar, Asst. Professor, Computer Science; Rizwan Ahmed, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics.

Unfolding miracles of Data Science IoBM’s College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS), amid noble and gentle guidance of Dr. Ejaz Ahmed, Dean, CCSIS, organized over the years Mathematics Colloquia on themes as Optimization, Simulation, Financial Mathematics, Risk Management, Forecasting, Risk Forecasting, and Stochastic Modeling and Bid Data Innovation.

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