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UBG to win FPCCI election for third time : Haji Naseem ur Rehman

ubg-regeniol-chairman-haji-naseem-ur-rehmanLahore : The United Business Group (UBG) of FPCCI on Saturday said it will win the FPCCI elections for the year 2017 with a wide margin. The alliance between Businessman Panel (BMP) and Pakistan Business Group (PBG) is not based on principles but constructed to earn personal gains, it said. BMP that ruled FPCCI for decades have been rejected by the business community twice and they will get the same treatment for the third time, said Haji Naseem ur Rehman, Regional Chairman UBG.

Talking to Chairman Coordination FPCCI Malik Sohail and representatives of Mardan Chamber of Commerce and Mardan Chamber of Small Traders, he said that Haji Ghulam Ali of BMP tried its best to forge an alliance with UBG but his request was turned down. BMP could not find candidate for the slot of president FPCCI therefore they decided to support the candidate of PBG which is first sign of their defeat as their candidate is no match to the UBG’s candidate Zubair Tufail who is very upright and popular leader.

Haji Naseem ur Rehman said that Haji Ghulam Ali is a failed politician and rejected business leader who is very displeased due to repeated defeats in trade politics. BMP has a long history of corruption and there in nothing on their credit which can be used to attract voters therefore they have started maligning CEO TDAP SM Muneer for the sake of cheap popularity.

Holding SM Muneer responsible for sliding exports is unjustified as all the countries are have suffered from dwindling external trade due to global recession. He said that there is no exporter among leaders of BMP therefore their statements carries no weight.

Recession coupled with low oil prices have also damaged commodity market resulting in export losses to almost all the countries including Pakistan but TDAP is criticised to gain political mileage, he added. He said that all the efforts of corrupt elements will be frustrated by the voters as they know the plunderers.


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