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Escape accountability in the name of democracy not accepted : Siraj ul Haq

siraj-ul-haqLahore : Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has said that any attempt to shelter corruption and corrupt elements in the name of democracy would be thwarted.

Addressing a daylong party convention on Tuesday, the JI supreme leader held an imperial regime responsible for the dismal condition of the country and its institutions. He termed the struggle against tyranny as a ‘great Jihad’ which will remain continue.

He said that the holy month of Muharram propagates the message of sacrifice, martyrdom, migration and Jihad. He urged masses to be united and end the rule of corrupt privileged regimes with the power of their vote.

The senator said that bringing a bad name to mosque, religion, Jihad and Ulema through terrorism could be the agenda to please the United States not the Allah Almighty. He was of the view that an across the board action should be taken against all criminal elements. He was of the view that the writ of law should be imposed equally and on all.

JI supremo also criticized the corruption and corrupt elements, sitting on treasury and opposition benches. He stressed the need of unity for entire Umma.

The JI leader said that the people of Karachi had been oppressed for a long time, they were held hostage and deprived of the due rights. Now its the high time to resolve their issues, he added. He further said that Karachi is a city of patriotic people and followers of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

He vowed that Karachi would once again be surfaced with its past glory and would lead the Islamic world. He was of the view that social system, introduced by Islam is the only way to end injustice, poverty and inflation. He added that

Sirajul Haq urged masses to support the JI in its struggle to create a peaceful and prosper Pakistan. He added that acquiring top slots in the government was never a goal for the party but indeed the government would be tool for them to create a corruption free Islamic welfare state of Pakistan.

JI Karachi chief Engr. Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman also addressed on this occasion. In his speech, he said that the party strictly condemns extra judicial killings of people, belonging to any community, cast, creed and color. He said that the JI continued its struggle even in worst unfavorable conditions. He said that the JI believes in peaceful, democratic struggle and has become the best substitute for the people of Karachi.

On the occasion, several notables, including Sajada Nasheen Hasnain Ali Razi announced to join the JI. They were welcomed by Siraj-ul-Haq and were presented with gifts.

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