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A delegation of Pakistanis from Mandi Bahauddin leaves for US to support Donald J Trump

a-delegation-of-pakistanis-from-mandi-bahauddin-leaves-for-us-to-support-donald-j-trumpMandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal) : A team of Pakistanis from Mandi Bahauddin has gone to US to persuade their relatives and acquaintances living there to vote and support presidential candidate Donald J Trump.

When asked as to why he thought Donald Trump is the best choice, the team leader Muhammad Hussain Maken whose sons and relatives are Pakistani Americans, said Donald Trump is agent of change, a positive change.

Hillary Clinton and Obama have spread destruction and chaos in Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They in collusion with Britain formed ISIS and other rebel groups like Taliban’s and they caused civil wars in Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia countries.

They are crime syndicate and wealth grabbers from all over the world and for that they follow different modus operandi like getting donations and gifts for their charity foundations. They are crooked and have rigged American system. They do not deserve support of Muslims.

Trump on the other hand is new entrant in politics and has capacity and stamina to reform America and make it great and safe again. He likes Muslims. However he is against those who under the cover of Islam carry out terrorist attacks and kill innocent people with suicidal raids. His vision is that America is not the whole Globe. America is a country; and it should set his own house in order.

It has no right to interfere in other countries affairs. The other point on his agenda is to stop illegal immigration and purpose of this measure is to block entry of terrorists to America. In view of the above, Hillary must be discarded.  Muslims in America must support and vote Trump to White House.

Trump is the best choice for Americans and American Muslims. He, if elected surely will bring revolutionary changes and restore peace not only in US but also across the world. He also praised Sajid Tarar to form “Muslims for Donald Trump” organization in US to support Donald Trump election campaign.


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