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Lawyers in Mandi Bahauddin observed strike to condemn atrocities in IHK

lawyers-in-mandi-bahauddin-observed-strike-to-condemn-atrocities-in-ihkMandi Bahauddin (Sher Gondal ) : On the call of Punjab Bar Council, Lawyers in Mandi Bahauddin district observed full day strike to condemn atrocities and violation of human rights by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.

They boycotted the courts and held protest meeting with senior bar member Manzoor Chaddar in chair.  Lawyers expressed solidarity with Kashmiri people in their freedom struggle and paid tributes to them for their sacrifices in continuing their struggle for their legitimate right of self determination.

They demanded world body and other international human rights organizations to take notice of human rights violations and use of brutal force in occupied Kashmir. They said struggle of Kashmiri people for self-determination is their legitimate right and they fully deserve support from global community.

They strongly condemned Indian forces for perpetrating atrocities and killing people just for demanding their right to self-determination. They demanded India to stop blinding people with pellets and killing innocent and unarmed people of Kashmir, and end detention of Kashmiri leaders and those arrested so far.

They said world community and UNO have failed to resolve Kashmir issue according to UN resolution of 1948 during the last 68 years. Pakistan did fight congenital battles with India more than three times but Kashmir could not be liberated. Now the situation has arrived where only  rhetoric’s of our leaders to provide political and moral support to  Kashmiris are being repeated followed by suggestions that best way to resolve issue is only through dialogue, they observed. According to opinion of lawyers Kashmir issue will never be solved through dialogue.

They said there were only two options – either fight or forget about the Kashmir and be friendly with India for peace. Our rulers should formulate a clear policy instead of making statements which so far have not pressurized India to resolve the issue according to UN resolution.

The lawyers also urged rulers to focus on increasing corruption in the country and corrupt culture. One should clean and reform one’s own house before helping others. People are losing trust in government for lack of justice and poor law and order situation. System is corrupt and has failed to deliver. To make the country and nation strong there is urgent need for overhauling the governance and judicial system, the meeting resolved.


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