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Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha elected central chairman of APCNGA

Ghiyas Abdullah ParachaLahore : Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha has been elected as Central Chairman of the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA), a body representing thousands of filling stations across the stretch of Pakistan.

He has been working in oil and gas sector since last twenty years while his insight is taken very seriously in the concerned circles.

Shoaib Khanji, a prominent businessman of Karachi became Senior Vice Chairman of the CNG body, while Irfan Ghouri of Punjab has been elected as Central Vice Chairman of the APCNGA.

Mr. Ghouri has worked hard with former top officials of the APCNGA for ensuring a new life to the dying CNG sector in Punjab.

Speaking on the occasion newly elected central chairman Ghiyas Paracha thanked the voters representing CNG station from across the country on reposing full confidence in him and his group.

Paracha said that he would try best to come up to the expectations of the community and prioritise proper CNG pricing, provision to continued gas supply to the filling stations and ensure cost difference between CNG and petrol.

He appreciated the services of outgoing office bearers for their efforts for the revival of the CNG industry in very critical times.

Spelling out his priorities, Ghiyas Paracha said that we must introduce new technology to cut operational cost which is central for long-term survival of the industry.

He lauded the government for restoration and continuation of CNG sector.

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