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Al-Jannat Trust children, classes held under open sky in hot weather

al-jannat-trust-children-classes-held-under-open-sky-in-scorching-sun-and-hot-weatherLahore : Due to illegal action of the Punjab Government and LDA, children at Al-Jannat Trust School have been forced now to study under open sky in scorching sun and hot weather, Al-Jannat Trust at Gajju Matta is taking care of helpless women, widows, orphans and poor girls for last 15 years.

These views were expressed by the Principal and In-charge Al-Jannat Trust School Gajju Matta, parents of the affected children and residents of the locality while protesting against the government action. On this occasion, children of the school and their parents raised slogans against the government and LDA continuously and loudly.

Principal Mrs. Iqbal said that examinations are due to start in the school but the children are afraid and worried due to this act of terrorism of the rulers, parents of the children are sitting in the school since morning, studies of the children is being affected adversely, so far the authorities have established no contact with us, Al-Jannat Trust had purchased this land and declared it “waqf” for school for the children, we are running this trust for last 15 years but do not know why the rulers are now making it a political issue.

School teacher Ms Saba said that she was teaching children here for last ten years and now LDA has demolished wall of the school without any notice, government stance is to popularise education but when are doing this work why we are being stopped, because of this incident attendance is very low in the school today.

Strongly protesting against the Punjab Government, parents of the children Mrs. Salim, Mrs. Talib Hussain and Mrs. Arshad said that because of this act of terrorism of LDA not only us but our children are also afraid, Al-Jannat Trust is a non-political institution, Trust Chairperson gets free treatment for the sick, arranges marriages of the girls, provides houses for living, instead of covering heads of the helpless women the government is trying to make their heads naked, people like us are responsibility of the government but why the Trust is punished for doing this work.

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