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Sardar Gulam Abbas joins PML-N after meeting with Hamza Shahbaz

sardar-gulam-abbas-hamza-shahbazLahore : Sardar Ghulam Abbas, one of the most influential politicians in Chakwal has joined PML-N after meeting with Hamza Shahbaz. He was also member of PTI central policy and strategy committee and was quite disappointed with PTI, because he believes the party did not turn out as it should have.Mr Abbas joining PML-N could change political scenario in the district.

Hamza Shahbaz has welcomed him into the party and expressed hope that his joining will strengthen PML-N in Chakwal.

Sardar Ghulam Abbas is a former district Nazim of Chakwal. He announced to join Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf in October 2011 Jalsa. He was among those dozens of political leaders who changed their political affiliation in PTI Chakwal Jalsa.

The Sardar Ghulam Abbas group is in a position to steal victory from the PML-N by making an alliance with PTI and winning over some of the newly elected chairmen who contested as independents.

Sardar Ghulam was in continuous link with PML-N without PTI permission.

PML-N remained archrival during throughout his political career. Mr Abbas has a large vote bank in the district. Candidates he fielded, who ran as independents in the recent local bodies elections, won 22 seats for union council (UC) chairmen against 28 won by PML-N. Independent candidates, led mainly by Mr Abbas, have cracked the PML-N stronghold in Chakwal, a district from which the party currently has nine parliamentarians and an adviser to the chief minister.

The unimpressive performance by PML-N in the recent local bodies elections against Mr Abbas’ group has served as an excuse for business tycoons to continue their efforts to bring Mr Abbas into PML-N.

The prime minister himself contacted Mr Abbas and asked him to join the ruling party, while PTI Rawalpindi division organiser Chaudhry Sarwar asked Mr Abbas to rejoin PTI, which he previously joined in November 2011.

PML-N stalwart retired Lt-Gen Abdul Majeed Malik, district president Chaudhry Liaquat Ali Khan and Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Dullah – the current MPA from Mr Abbas’ home constituency – would not benefit from the move.

Hamza Shahbaz recently held a meeting with parliamentarians from Chakwal, during which he heard their concerns regarding Mr Abbas’ possible entry into PML-N.

The politicians seemed divided over the matter, with Tahir Iqbal, Iffat Liaqat, Mehwish Sultana and Sardar Mumtaz Tamman opposing Mr Abbas joining PML-N, while Malik Tanvir Aslam, Malik Salim Iqbal and Malik Zahoor Anwar supported the move.




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