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Dr. Ramesh met with Dr. Chetan Das Hotwani

Dr. Ramesh Kumar VankwaniLahore : Patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council and Member of National Assembly Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani has met with Dr. Chetan Das Hotwani, a renowned Hindu paediatrician and Assistant Professor at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences for offering the condolence of his 13 year old teenager son “Vinet”, who was murdered two month ago at Hyderabad Club.
At the residence of Dr. Chetan Das Hotwani in Mirpurkhas, the prominent Hindu lawmaker expressed deep concerns over the delayed justice. He assured that Dr. Chetan is not alone in this battle, but Pakistan Hindu Council equally supports his stance and will raise this issue till the justice is served to save the honor and lives of all community members of Hindus and other minorities as well.
Later, talking to the media, Dr. Ramesh Vankwani informed that one day ago, in Bakshapur, district Kashmor another Hindu child named “Ajay Kumar” was murdered in broad daylight.
Dr. Ramesh said that the matter of increased rate of cold blooded murdered of Hindu Children is alarming and its bitter reality that Sindh Government is paying no attention towards the sufferings of minorities.
Dr Ramesh Kumar while referring to the Article 20 (a) (b) and Article 36 of the Constitution of Pakistan said that its clearly mentioned in our constitution that the state shall provide the security to the minorities but still it’s unclear that why fire of prejudice and biasness is being flamed to target innocent minorities specially Hindus in Sindh.
“Since last three years on the occasion of Muslim Eid festival, some shopkeepers in Tando Adam are offering shoes on which Hindu religious holy name “OM” is displayed, and the purpose is just to insult the sentimental of local Hindus,” Dr. Ramesh regretted, and demanded immediate ban, adding that such incidents are resulting to fuel the atmosphere of fear, insecurity and distrustfulness. He demanded the authorities to take strict action against the culprits, so that this should not be happened again in the future.

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