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Dr Qadri blows fire upon the Sharif family on 2nd anniversary of Model Town tragedy

Lahore: PAT chief Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri Qadri blew hot upon the Sharif family on 2nd anniversary of Model Town tragedy.

While addressing the participants of the sit-in here at the Mall Road, Dr Qadri said on17th of June,police martyred our 14 workers and injured 100 people but the CM Shahbaz Sharif who claimed to work 20-22 hours a day,could not know this killings as he slept on 16th of June and had not waken up till the afternoon of next day.Police had not dared to mass killing on his own rather they ordered for shootout on the directions of the rulers. The police officers are co-accused but our real accused are the Sharif Brothers and his fellow cabinet members.Number of injured are still under treatment even after two years,the Sharif tried to buy the the victims ,offered them jobs at overseas but failed to compromise with them,general Raheel Sharif made sure the registering of the FIR and he should provide us justice,we demand the model town tragedy case to be trialed at military courts.

Dr Qadri claimed that incumbent rulers took 11thousands billions loan in just three years,they have spoiled the economy,if they would not ousted Pakistan may have a failed state.They would not remain in power anymore, he added.

Dr Qadri announced to continue sit-in till they get justice,no one will go back to their homes including Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad,Liaqat Baloch after getting opinion from the crowd.He said that as the Khurram Nawaz Gundapur has given commitment to end sit-in at Fajr prayer so I am not going to end sit-in rather to postpone it to honour our words and will call for sit-in on one week notice again in Lahore.

He thanked Awami Muslim League, PTI,JI and other parties for joining and supporting PAT sit-in.


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