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CSNP condemns the Model Town massacre on its second anniversary

Abdullah Malik 1Lahore: The Civil Society Network Pakistan (CSNP) has condemned the massacre of the fellows and students of the Minhaj ul Quran, Model Town Lahore that was merely a result of state terrorism.

In a statement issued on Friday after the completion of 2 years of the massacre of Model Town, Lahore, the CSNP said: “CSNP vehemently condemned the worst incident in the history of the Pakistan of brutal killings of innocent unarmed citizens including women, children and elderly at Minhaj-ul-Quran Secretariat Lahore two years before on June 17, 2014.

CSNP has said that the Model Town tragedy was the worst incident of human rights violations. CSNP said that if the responsibility would have been fixed on those culprits who were directly or indirectly involved in the tragedy then it would, certainly, pave the way for elimination of oppression and a Pakistan, free of exploitation because all political parties of Pakistan except the ruling party (Muslim League-N), civil society and human rights organizations have refused to accept the heart-rending incident and protested against the state brutality very strongly. CSNP added that culture of violation of fundamental human rights adhered to the government is the biggest hurdle in the way of establishment of peaceful and law-abiding society.

As much as CSNP is concerned it wanted to show its solidarity with the mourned families and predestined the ridiculous shooting of Punjab Police and hooligans like Gullu Butt on the innocent citizens. The act worst shooting was not only an attack on humanity, but we think it is imperative that every right-respecting person must condemn such state terrorism unreservedly.

“It is difficult to understand why the international community is taking this brutal act as domestic issue of Punjab while it was result a mindset that shows a zero tolerance for others who have different political ideologies. It is high time to condemn the state terrorism as has been observed by Punjab Police and further any encouragement or justification of state terrorism by the political elite with connivance of Police department to invite violence upon minors, women and elderly aged people must be curtailed through all possible means.

“Another thing that people have long wondered about is why disarmed and young innocent persons were gun down in Model Town Massacre by the Punjab Police and why Punjab Police started the so called operation against alleged encroachments in the midnight especially.

President CSNP,  Abdullah Malik has pointed out that in last few years a significant shift in the political landscape of Punjab has been observed, Province of Punjab has converted into a police state. Some may argue that this depiction of the state is harsh but one cannot dismiss the reality- with a series of draconian measures initiated by Government of Punjab through Punjab Police that warrant Punjab’s characterisation as a police state. The brutal act of Punjab Government has trampled on the basic rights of humans. It is requested to Honorable Lahore High Court that the case of Model town Massacre may kindly be adjudicated in the pattern of summary trial”.

Secretary General CSNP, Humayun Faiz (Advocate) has raised a legal issue that Honorable Justice Ali Baqar Najafi (tribunal) handed over its report over the Model Town Massacre to the government of Punjab but it was deliberately avoiding release of the report in order to protect the people responsible for the killing of supporters of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek/Minhajul Quran and subsequently  the Punjab government had put the inquiry report in cold storage like many judicial inquiries held in the past. The act of Provincial Government to decline the access of the citizens to Najfi Commission Report is against the Article 19-A of the Constitution of Pakistan and also a denial of “The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013”. The Report of Honourable Justice Ali Baqir Najfi, if releases, would be very helpful to scuffle the real culprits, hence, the said report must be published as soon as possible”.

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