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PML-N to continue exposing non-democratic, anti-state elements

Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, danyal azizLahore: Pakistan Muslim League (N) has decided to expose all those non-democratic and anti-state elements who are busy in hatching conspiracies against the country and its progress.

Addressing a joint press conference, Minister for Capital
Administration and Development Division Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry and MNA Daniyal Aziz on Saturday said all those politicians, who were habitual of taking U-turn, would be exposed.

Daniyal Aziz said the apology of Afzal Khan, former additional
secretary of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on allegations of
rigging in General Election 2013 was an ample proof of PML-N’s
transparent victory and PTI’s conspiracy against democracy.

He said Afzal Khan had leveled allegations against Punjab
Election Commission Additional Secretary Justice (r) Riaz Kiyani and
other judges of Supreme Court  ncluding former Chief Justice of
Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry.

He said at that time when Afzal Khan was leveling rigging
allegations, some anchor-persons were busy to declare PML-N’s victory as a result of rigging.

He said Imran Khan at that time was well aware that all rigging
charges were baseless but he himself had taken the baseless issue to
mislead the innocent people. He said Imran Khan had started ’35
punchers’ propaganda without having any proof, but then he himself
declared that it was his political statement. He said at that time
PTI’s agitation was actually a conspiracy against the progress and
development of Pakistan as not only the Chinese President had to
cancel his important visit but the country had faced several losses in many areas, including economic side.

Daniyal said during their agitation they entered in PTV,
policemen who were on their security were badly beaten while at same time they also spoke against the Parliament which was ample proof of their planned conspiracy against the democracy.

He said, “But when they come to courts, people like Afzal Khan
tender an unconditional apology.” The situation was the same when the judicial commission was formed as they failed to submit any single proof of rigging in the 2013 elections.

He said that a proper investigation was held to probe the
allegation of PTI’s electoral rigging but there was nothing in actual.
He said the PTI also levelled allegations against returning officers
(ROs) and their involvement in rigging of elections but all the ROs
were cleared as not a single charge was proved against any RO. He said the PTI also supported the 22nd Constitutional Amendment in which the procedure for appointments in the Election Commission was the same as it was earlier. Why did Imran Khan not
oppose that, he questioned.

He asked as to why the PTI was avoiding taking about corruption
issues of Sindh and AJK governments in its rallies and agitations. The PTI even failed to control corruption in its ruling province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said the some so-called columnists tried to give impression that the PML-N was in the phase of breaking but
interestingly PTI’s MNAs were now criticizing the their own provincial government with corruption charges. He questioned why the PTI’s lawyers were not appearing in foreign funding case. They were actually using foreign political funding against the country.

Daniyal Aziz questioned why corruption cases were not being
opened against corrupt people in accountability commission in KP
“They were actually desperate people who know their losing political
position and the PML-N’s raising popularity like winning
Gilgit-Baltistan election, all by-elections and even victory in by-
election in PTI’s stronghold city of Peshawar.” He said the PML-N was trying to expose these people with an objective that the people should know their real faces and their negative politics.

Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry said that some anti-state elements again
got united to hatch new conspiracies against the democratic government to sabotage the political system. He said that like past when they failed in rigging charges they would again face defeat in their new conspiracy plan. They were just wasting time of the country and nation and trying to derail the government on fulfilling its agenda of making the country an economically stable and prosperous country, he added. He said that they were actually against the development of the country and their sit-in was just planned to ruin the national economy.
He, however, said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would continue the
agenda of political and economic stability of the country. He said
despite several challenges, including conspiracies of these
non-democratic elements, the present government would continue
serving the country’s people.

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