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Imran Khan lashes JUI leadership,announce to hold jalsa in Bannu

Imran Khan address peshawar jalsaLahore: Chairman PTI Imran Khan has lashed out JUI leadership and announced to hold jalsa in Bannu on 11th of May.He said Akram Durrani is doing politics in name of Islam and then bribing people? He should be ashamed.

While addressing a public meeting here at Peshawar,Imran khan said how can Akram Durrani topple the PTI government in KPK,he would buy the MPAs, I am going to Bannu and will see what Akram Durrani do ?

Imran Khan said Panama Leaks showed Mian sahab’s kids established offshore companies that bought properties in posh area of London. NAB, FBR, FIA may all be under his control, but Imran Khan is not. As opposition, my duty is to question him, As opposition,it is my duty to ask him how his children acquired so much money.We being 2nd largest party of Pakistan, asked Mian sahab how did his kids make so much money?Imran Khan questioned.

He said that Mian sahab set another record; conducted a ‘jalsa’ in Air conditioned hall. Mian Sab did an air conditioned jalsa in a tent in Sukkur. Mian Sab look here today; our tigers standing in 40 degrees.Even today instead of answering, Mian sahib comes & poses as damsel in distress.For 30 years  I have always said Nawaz Sharif is corrupt. People would say Zardari is more corrupt, Nawaz Sharif has an ‘innocent face,he added.

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