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Anusha Rehman condemns disgracing events of women in PTI public gatherings

Anusha RehmanLahore: State Minister for Information Technology Ms Anusha Rehman Monday strongly condemned persistent disgracing events of women in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) public gatherings of Islamabad and Lahore.

Addressing a press conference, here she asked PTI leadership for sharing action taken against the culprits after Islamabad incident.

Flanked with Ms Mariyum Aurangzeb and Ms Maiza Hameed, she said “Imran Khan should tell us what action had been taken against the culprits involved in harassing women in Islamabad’s gathering, whether punitive action had been taken against any party office bearer or worker after the incident.”
Imran must tell what steps had been taken by the PTI for the protection of women workers.
Imran Khan should also share punishments awarded to the responsible of women molestation in Islamabad gathering.If such situation persists – the parents will stop sending their daughters to politics.

She paid tributes to Pakistan Peoples Party, Awami National Party and other political parties for giving respect to their women workers and asked PTI to follow the same path.
She said it was unfortunate that Imran Khan had left the women on the mercy of wicked people and left from the VIP gate while leaving the poor women folk on the mercy of his spoiled boys.

She questioned that had Imran Khan followed the same course if his daughter or sister was present in the same gathering. She was of the view that it would had been much appropriate if Imran Khan himself had left the venue after the disbursement of entire women folk from the gathering.

She said women were playing key role in country’s politics and such an attitude from the party workers will discharge their participation in the political gatherings. She lauded the services of Punjab police for rescuing women from the beasts.

Parliamentary Secretary for Interior, Ms Mariyum Aurangzeb said due to dwindling popularity PTI had been forced to hold public meetings at narrow places and crossings.

She said the people of Lahore had frustrated the conspiracy against democracy by ignoring Imran Khan’s public meeting. Imran Khan could never become leader of the stature of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif due to his negative policies.

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