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Conspiracy against elected government doomed to fail: Siddiq Al Farooq

Siddiq Al FarooqLahore: Chairman Evacuee Trust Board Siddiq Al Farooq said on Monday that the conspiracy being hatched by certain elements against the elected government was destined to meet complete failure.

While addressing a ceremony, after distributing financial assistance cheques among minority members, at local circuit house, he said that no other political leader except Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had a vision for development  in the country. “History is testimony to the fact that country witnessed record development in different sectors under the  leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif”.

He strongly criticized false propaganda against the elected government and said that PML-N government enjoys support of the people and would foil all conspiracies with the support of masses.

Siddiq Al Farooq said that Army and the government were on the same page and those behind “bogus propaganda” would never succeed in their nefarious designs. He termed conspirators as “enemies” of Pakistan’s development, and added that the country would continue to make strides in all sectors and would emerge as a strong democratic power.

He criticized PTI chief Imran Khan for his “negative thinking” ,and stressed that his negative approach was forcing his allies  to abandon him. He said the election commissioners of PTI who were assigned to hold intra party elections resigned on two occasions.He termed this behaviour as their mistrust over policies of Imran Khan.

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