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Irfan Siddiqui warns media over wrong news about conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Irfan SiddiquiLahore: Special Assistant to Prime Minister for National Affairs Irfan Siddiqui on Monday said that Pakistan being a respectable, sovereign and atomic power, was trying to defuse tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
“We enjoy brotherly and cordial relations with Saudi Arabia due to Harmain Sharifain. Both the countries have signed several agreements for cooperation in defence and other sectors,” he said
while talking to a news channel.
Similarly, he said, Pakistan and Iran had friendly and historical relations besides the latter had supported the former during the 1965 war with India.
Irfan Siddiqui said that Pakistan did not want to strain ties with either Iran or Saudi Arabia, and would not take sides. “We will talk to the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia during his visit to Pakistan and similarly hold dialogue with Iran to overcome the issue.”
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on his return from Sri Lanka would take steps to end the crisis while the Foreign Office had already started efforts to defuse tension between the two Islamic countries, he added.
He said conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia would not only affect the region but also the entire Muslim Ummah.
The Special Assistant said that Pakistan, Turkey and other Muslim states should hold a foreign ministers’ meeting to work out a plan for removing the differences and easing out tension between the
two countries.
He said the media should do positive reporting on the Saudi-Iran issue. According to the code of conduct, if any TV channel broadcast any wrong news against the friendly countries, it would be issued
a notice, he maintained.

He urged the media and religious scholars to play their role in promoting sectarian harmony in the country. Sectarian rift, he said,had decreased due to the government efforts, especially imposing of ban
on hate literature and misuse of loudspeakers.

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