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PTI may make an alliance in Punjab for electoral reforms: Ch Sarwar

PTI Ch Sarwar Pic 20 DECLahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab organiser Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has hinted at  the possibility forming an alliance with opposition parties in Punjab to eliminate corruption,injustice, and oppressions and bring electoral reforms in the country. He said that PTI would stop drubbing “rigging” if rulers stopped their rigging practices .

Ch Sarwar lamented that PML-N had been ruling the province of Punjab for 30  years but still all state institutions were politicized. He claimed that Police and other state institutions in KP were autonomous bodies without any kind of political interference for which visible change was being seen in KP.

He reiterated that PTI would raise its voice on every platform including Punjab assembly . “ PML-N has made Parliament and Punjab Assembly as a rubber stamp and the rulers are preferring their personal gains instead of masses’ needs while finalizing development projects,” Sarwar deplored. He said the rulers’ monarchist mentality was negating the democracy.

He said the party would run a massive membership campaign before the intra-party election. He said no PTI worker or leader would be spared for violating the party discipline. He said the rulers could not fulfill their promise of giving relief from gas and power load-shedding and therefore they should change their name voluntarily. He said everybody including Chief Justice of Pakistan was expressing his no confidence in the Pakistan government’s governance.

Chaudhry Sarwar Media talk &  addressing  a convention of the PTI Youth Wing and Insaf Students Federation at Chairman’s secretariat on Sunday. ISF Punjab general secretary Waqas Iftikhar Butt, Youth Wing organiser Waseem Chaudhry  and others were present on the occasion.

Chaudhry Sarwar said the masses were facing worst-ever gas load-shedding and on the other hand 38 per cent increase in gas prices had exposed the rulers’ anti-people policies. He said the PTI would not sit silent and protest against such policies at all forums including Punjab Assembly and compel the rulers to refrain from its policies that were pushing masses against the wall.

Chaudhary Sarwar said lakhs of Pakistanis were anxiously waiting for their membership of the PTI and added that membership campaign would begin with the announcement of intra-party election schedule. He said the party’s all wings including women wing should get ready for massive membership campaign.

He said the PTI was taking all decisions with the consultation of its workers and nobody could be allowed to violate the party discipline and damage the interests of the party. He said the rulers’were working with a dictatorial mindset and they themselves were dangerous for the democracy itself

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