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Muhammad Mian Soomro confers degrees among 933 graduates at IoBM

Karachi(Pervaiz Jamil): Amid the conferment of 933 degrees at IoBM what matters more is endeavoring for such educational worth that heads towards a graduate’s personal, family, social, institutional and national excellence, says a statement from IoBM Public Affairs Section.

Career focused and contemporary IoBM degrees, faculty caliber, state-of-the-art facilities and a congenial atmosphere give national and international credibility to wide and varied areas of specialization in business management and allied disciplines.

Muhammad Mian Soomro, Former President, Prime Minister and Chairman Senate of Pakistan, Chief Guest at IoBM Convocation, highlighted the importance of helping less privileged through philanthropic work and motivated graduates by saying: “You are the future of Pakistan and that Pakistan is your future”.  He advised them to work harder and that keep good company.

In his keynote address Kamal A. Chinoy, Chief Executive Pakistan Cables shared points of wisdom with graduates:  . Do not underestimate any situation and be prepared for eventualities in life.  Aapply acquired knowledge and know-how in strategic management on yourself before implementing it in corporate life. Dream big, aim high and keep your feet on ground. Patience is virtue but perseverance is an art. Do not forget to pay your dues by committing to civic service and to humanity.

IoBM Chancellor Najmuddin A. Shaikh attributed IoBM as a trademark in the corporate sector and for its reputation at the international level along with the constantly rejuvenating campus with its illustrious faculty, meticulous management and gifted students blossoming in an atmosphere of cheers, quality education and state-of-the-art facilities.

Asfia Aziz, the Valedictorian, while attributing parents, faculty and management indeed, summarized education at IoBM as blossoming mindsets in human values, CSR, global perspective and acclimatization with technological transformation.

IoBM President Shahjehan Karim, while welcoming guests and presenting Report on IoBM’s academic and professional highlights home and abroad advised graduates: “You stand today at an important juncture. Have confidence in yourself, being the fortunate few; please always remain respectful to your parents for giving their very best for your brilliant career ahead.”

Programs included BBA (Hons.), BS (Joint Hons.), BS (Computer Science), BS (Industrial Engineering and Management.), MBA (R), MBA (Exec.)., MBA (Industrial Management), MBA (Advertising and Media Management.), MBA (Health and Hospital Management), others. .Degrees were conferred in disciplines as Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Media Studies, Actuarial Science and Risk Management, Computer Science, Management and IT, Industrial Engineering and Management, Advertising and Media management, Finance and Risk Management, Industrial Management, Health and Hospital Management, Educational Management, Telecom Management, Environment and Energy Management,. Economics, Psychology etc.

Among the galaxy of IoBM graduating stars were 11 gold medalists: Anum Alnoor, BBA H, Jan Muhammad Dawood Gold Medal; Asfia Aziz, BBA H, S.H. Hashmi Memorial Gold Medal; Ramla Abid, BS AML Halima Fatima Memorial God Medal; Hani Ghulam Abbas, BS ARM, Tabba Foundation Gold Medal; Neha Saleem, BS Joint Hons., Imam Ali Kazi Memorial Gold Medal; Areesha Mazhar, BS MS, KCFR Gold Medal; Hina Urooj MBA R, Shan Foods Gold Medal; Harish Chander MBA Ex., Adamjee Foundation Gold Medal; Sakina Yousuf MBA Health and Hospital Mngmt., Essa Lab Gold Medal; Asma Ahmed, MBA FRM, Standard Chartered Gold Medal; Misbah Asif Aziz, MBA AMM, Westbury Group of Companies Gold Medal.

Certificates of merit were awarded to 18 graduates: in BBA Honors to Alina, Fasiha Hamid, Shiza Javed, Anusha Samad Khan, Sania Khalid Kushtiwala; in BS (AML) to Tayyaba Paracha; BS (ARM) to Mashal Gajiani, Ahtezaz A. Halo, Faiz Mehmood, Syeda Anma Nusrat, Raiq Rafiq; in BS (Joint Honors) to Marina Arif, Ramis Kumar, Aisha Ather Rahman; in BS (MS) to Ramsha Kohati; in MSc (HRM) to Anum Amin Murani, Sonal Arshad Siraj and in PhD (Education) to Samra Saeed.

As IoBM commemorates 20 years of humble and noble undertaking in quality business education and allied fields, its alumni speak volumes of their worth and value in leading national and multinational organizations, its academic and professional credibility are national trendsetters in business education and the corporate sector and that such recognition and credibility now echo in concerned international circles all towards a better and brighter Pakistan.

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