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Police Stations in Punjab have become “killing spots” :Ch Muhammad Sarwar

SP Sadar Zahid Nawaz,SHO Ch Muhammad SarwarLahore: Pakistan tehreek e Insaf Organiser Punjab Chaudhary Muhammad sarwar said on Sunday that Police Stations in Punjab have become “killing spots” as deaths of two persons by Police  torture proves “Police Gardi” and extreme bad governance by rulers.

He stressed rulers to improve governance rather than sticking their neck up against state institutions.  He said that The popularity of PTI had increased as it had further gained grounds among the masses and the Future belonged to PTI. “Present rulers have given nothing to this nation except miseries and plunging them into crisis by every passing day”, Sarwar Said while speaking to Large party workers .

Ch Sarwar said that since rulers rise to the top echelons through rigging and malpractices they were least bothered about the public plights. “they are busy in furthering their own interests that’s why they are indifferent to sufferings that public was going through”, Sarwar lamented.

He criticized the Police culture in punjab and said that rulers were duping and beguiling this nation by hollow promises of Police reforms and model Police Stations whereas they had turned all of the police stations into “Killing spots. “Police were putting innocent people behind bars, torturing them to deaths and staging fake encounters”.

He urged rulers not to fallout with the state intuitions but mend their own ways. “Whoever asks government to improve governance they stick their neck up against them instead of improving their performance”, he said adding that government should fulfill its promises made before nations and get this country out of stranglehold of corruption,looting  and unemployment but there is no hope for redressel of public plights from this present set up.

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