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Peaceful Pakistan needs collective efforts to end terrorism:Dr Umar Saif

Dr Umar SaifLahore: Peaceful Pakistan in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) organized the first panel discussion titled as “Peace Narrative and Anti-Terrorism Discourse” at Arfa Software Technology Park presided over by the Chairman PITB Dr Umar Saif on Wednesday.

The panel discussion, having media personalities and advocates of peace Adeel Hashmi of Lightstorm Communications, Omair Rana of Real Productions and Ms. Fariha Rashid of INK and PITCH MEDIA as the guests speakers. The event aimed at bringing together ambassadors of peace, writers and bloggers to unite under the banner of Peaceful Pakistan in order to work towards building a harmonious and peaceful society through their respective works.

Speaking at the occasion Dr Umar Saif said, “In today’s world of media and technology it is easier to reach out to others and motivate them to join hands in pursuing peace and brotherhood. The Government of Punjab is committed to unite Pakistanis across the nation regardless of their culture, faith and class. Through Peaceful Pakistan, an active online community, we aim to build a harmonious society that eradicates extremism and promotes peaceful narratives. We urge people from all walks in life to join hands with us and work towards building a Peaceful Pakistan.”

Supporting the cause for peaceful narratives and anti-extremism discourse the panelists urged the participants to contribute towards a tolerant society through their respective fields.

Omair Rana, an advocate of peace and culture said, “Our providence is in tolerance. For too long we have either been too quiet or too loud. We have neither respected the spoken word nor listened to it. It is essential now for us to take a deep breath and learn to listen. For if we don’t the sounds that might follow will be deafening, and then shouts and screams of help won’t be heard, even yours, even mine.”

Adeel Hashmi, an advocate of youth empowerment said, “Peaceful Pakistan is an encouraging move by the government initiated to bring about a positive change in our society. The youth has a vital role to play because you are the future. Look beyond your differences and build the Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam dreamt of. ”

Fariha Rashed, young peace and culture activist, while quoting Quaid-e-Azam said, “There is no power that can undo Pakistan. As writers and bloggers we have the power to influence public opinion. If you need a stable country, you need to be active part of Peaceful Pakistan.”

Peaceful Pakistan is an initiative of the Government of Punjab to pursue peace, harmony, inter-religious tolerance and unity by sketching a positive image of Pakistan. Peaceful Pakistan community was established in the wake of APS Peshawar Terrorist attack to work towards building a positive Pakistan through various means of communications, and to unite Pakistanis hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs as one solid nation.

The parents of the children injured in APS Peshawar incident also addressed the occasion and appreciated the rehabilitation efforts taken by the Punjab Government in this regard.

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