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Altaf Hussain again challenge the Rangers

Altaf HussainLahore: Quaid-e-Tehrek Altaf Hussain has alleged that Rangers are treating Karachiites exactly how Kashmiris are being treated by the Indian Army.He was addressing  the party workers here at MQM Head Office 90,on telephone.

MQM Chief directed Rabita Committee to establish a booklet including the illegal arrests & extra judicial killings & present it to COAS General Rahil Sharif.

Quaid-e-Tehrek said I salute our women who confronted the corrupt rangers bravely on the NA-246 election day.I urge Gen Sharif to get rid of the corrupt Army officers who r becoming the reason of Pak Army’s humiliation,Altaf Hussain added.

He said that there is no one greater than God and I am sure Allah will NOT forgive Maj Bilal for his atrocities in Karachi,instead of killing innocent Mohajirs, I challenge Maj Bilal to avenge the humiliation of 1971 from India, I challenge Maj Bilal Akhtar to prove his bravery by liberating Kashmir,I challenge Maj Bilal Akhtar to present the Hamud ur Rehman commission report before the people of Pakistan,he maintained.

Altaf Hussain said Imran Khan had abused Pakistan Army and called them coward, yet there was no action against him.

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