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PMA Punjab urges the government to arrest the murderers of Dr. Zubair Khan

Dr. Izhar Ahmad ChLahore: Pakistan Medical Association Punjab urged the government to arrest the murderers of Dr. Zubair Khan  without failure. The decision came in an emergent meeting of PMA Punjab under the chair of Dr. Izhar Ahmad Ch., President Elect PMA Punjab.

The office bearers also demanded the Prime Minster and the Federal Ministry of Health for immediate suspension of Dr. Masood Hameed, the president of PMDC, the main accused of the murder. The office bearers termed it as a black spot on the face of the office of the president PMDC having no example in the past. There is no reason that after this heinous crime the present president is allowed to hold this prestigious post.

The office bearers further said in the past we were always concerned about the stories of financial corruption and mismanagement in the affairs of PMDC. Now a case of murder is registered against the sitting President of PMDC and his front men which has brought bad name to the country.


PMA demands:


  1. The brutal murder of Dr. Zubair Khan must be investigated thoroughly and the culprits brought to justice.
  2. The President of PMDC who is also a Vice Chancellor of a Public sector Medical University has been inducted in the FIR, should immediately resign from these posts. He has lost any moral authority to head such prestigious posts.
  3. The name of nominees in the FIR should be put on the exact control list.
  4. The corrupt practices going on since a long time in the PMDC should be investigated thoroughly by the FIA and than the cases should be referred to Military Courts.
  5. The present structure of the PMDC should be immediately dissolved in accordance with the recommendations of the Standing Committee and Ministry of Health, an adhoc arrangement should come in place to look after day to day issues of PMDC till an elected body takes over.

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