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PAT to hold today countrywide protest rallies against load shedding

Dr-Raheeq-Abbasi-President-PATLahore: The Central working committee of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek met here on Wednesday with its president Dr. Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi in the chair. It was decided in the meeting to start a country-wide campaign against the life threatening load shedding. It was decided that protest demonstrations and rallies will be organized in front of press clubs of all the major cities of the country.

Instructions were issued to all the district presidents in this regard to start preparations to hold rallies against load shedding. Addressing the meeting Dr. Raheeq Abbasi said that the poor people of the country are being tortured by the rulers in the shape of unscheduled load shedding. He said labourers, industrial workers, traders, shopkeepers and domestic users are all screaming that they are being meted out the worst kind of treatment by the ruling party. He said with the power load shedding the gift of water scarcity  also comes and in this severe hot weather the rulers are not paying attention towards this major issue and are resting in their air conditioned homes and offices. He said Pakistan has never witnessed such an incompetent government which has paid all its attention to shiny projects like metro bus and has all together forgotten that electricity is the slogan they took before the elections and the people gave them votes after they promised to address the power issue in six months. He said now two years have past but the issue remains where it was several years ago.

Dr. Raheeq said that the government has failed to control load shedding even at Sehri and Iftar time. He said the rulers lied at the election time and now the people have no choice but to come out on the roads and protest against the inhuman behavior of the ruling party.

Meanwhile the PAT has made all its preparations to hold the Itikaf City and the PAT president and other office-bearers are personally overseeing the final preparations for the Itikaf City.

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