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The nation is suffering because of load shedding: Ch Muhammad Sarwar

Ch Muhammad SarwarLahore: Provincial Organizer Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Muhammad Sarwar stated, “As temperatures surge over Pakistan, the nation is suffering because of load shedding. Punjab government claims for a cooler summer this year has proved to be false and deceptive. Unannounced load shedding during sehri and iftar has enwrapped many cities in Pakistan. As the heat wave engulfs Pakistan, power woes are magnifying day by day.”

While talking to Aiyaz Imran and delegation, the Former Governor asserted, “The government claimed to provide uninterrupted power during sehri and iftar. However, these false promises were soon unveiled as power outrages victimized major cities on the first day of Ramadan. The people are furious and it won’t be long when the nation will come out on the streets protesting against the government’s futile policies and false promises. The protest camp situated in Minar-e-Pakistan objecting to government’s political decisions is a statement regarding the performance of the current Punjab government.”

In a conclusive statement, the Former Governor said, “The government should immediately adopt a serious role in eradicating load shedding from the country. Effective and rational policies should be devised to fill in the ‘demand-supply’ electricity gap.

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