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Rumble in PTI’s award giving ceremony embarrass the former governor

Lahore:Rumble was witness by a large number of media men at Aiwan-e-Iqbal during PTI’s award giving ceremony in the honour of party workers who excelled during the sit-ins,embarrassed the whole leadership including the former governor Ch Muhammad Sarwar who was the chief guest in the ceremony.

PTI workers used freely kicks and punches on each other and looted the shields while the leadership remained busy for announcing”please calm down,please calm down and remain peaceful ” but none listened them.Resultingly the organizers have to end the ceremony.

Earlier; addressing the ceremony, former Governor of Punjab and Senior Member Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Ch Muhammad Sarwar asserted that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will adopt all measures to eliminate the ‘darkness of oppression’ from the nation. He said, “Pakistan has been constantly victimized by terrorism, nepotism, extremism and other social ills. With the increasing rate of crony capitalism and internal impotency, the government has lost its credibility. Amidst this poor governance, PTI has emerged as a strong nationalist party where strong and diligent workers have contributed towards its strength.

In an award ceremony held to encourage the patriotic and frugal workers of PTI, the Former Governor along with President Lahore PTI, Abdul Aleem Khan, expressed his optimism regarding the workers performance. He stated, “It is of immense pleasure to participate in this award ceremony and bestow these enthusiastic PTI tigers with appreciation certificates. Pakistan has been continuously struggling since its independence. Rampant corruption and the weak writ of government have infected the entire edifice of national institutions. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s enthusiastic, patriotic and cohesive youth has played a vital role in establishing the Judicial Commission. The youth of PTI have consecutively strived to stand for justice and propagate the need for a transparent judicial system in all forums. PTI has projected itself as a nationalist party whose main aim is to counter all social and political ills plaguing the nation. PTI has firm belief that the malefactors responsible for rigging the 2013 General Elections will soon be unveiled.”

In a conclusive statement, the Former Governor stated, “Pakistan has always remained in a state of discontent and disparity. Successive indifferent and incompetent administrations have failed to establish themselves as a true democratic government. As the new federal budget of 2015/16 is constituted, the Government of Pakistan should focus on promoting and strengthening the nation’s youth. Pro-Development policies and special schemes should be devised by the government to grant employment opportunities to the youth. A small portion of the federal budget should focus on empowering and promoting the women of Pakistan by granting them more employment quotas. With a strong and transparent governance system, it is inevitable that Pakistan too will enjoy the fruits of a true democratic state.

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