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DOA & LCWU jointly presents Joining Hands at Children’s Library Complex

Door of AwarenessLahore: Door of Awareness (DOA) in collaboration with Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) organized a seminar,”Joining Hands – Academia as a Catalyst for Community Enhancement,” at Children’s Library Complex. Chief Guest was Dr.  Nasira Javaid Iqbal, and Dr.  Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor LCWU was the Key Note Speaker. The panelists comprises of professors from different colleges and universities.

Dr Sabiha Mansoor emphasized upon role the universities play in the development of communities by quoting the examples of LCWU’s Model Primary School that aimed at enrolling children of underprivileged and marginalized families the school nurtures its students as good citizens and cultivate strong values among them. She also mentioned the community work of LCWU’s Active Citizens Programme in which approximately 100 students are involved with DOA. The Social Action Projects planned and designed for the DOA community members revolves around the areas of education and skill development among women.

The panelist elaborated and shared the community work done at their institutes by the students and the alumni.

 Margo Abdul Aziz, Director, International School of Choueifat – Lahore shared that at Choueifat the students are conducting the projects in a sustainable state. She also said that in Pakistan community work done by NGOs and institutes is not felt as it should be, for this she suggested that private, government and academia should  join hands to make it more effective.

Irum Qazi, Principal Lahore School of Learning, said that communities will improve when schools are involved by legislation.

Zaeem Yaqoob Khan, Director Student Affairs BNU said we cannot disassociate academia from community and community from academia. The change required is bigger and higher, we need to right so many wrongs. e

Dr Rukhsana Zia, Director Teaching and Learning FC College, contributed by saying that support at basic level should be provided at the community level and private people and society should contribute as the government has not looked at to bring it as a part of education system.

Prof. Ishtiaq Ahmed, visiting professor LUMS and Prof Emeritus Stockholm University said that we as Pakistani citizens and the government should take the responsibility; we have to problematize the social order around us. Devolution and 18th amendment will give more empowerment to people.

Dr. Nasira Javed Iqbal said that sustainability of communities is important for these communities, academia and government should be integrated and networking is also very important.

Ruba Humayun said that in the beginning when she has started charity work she had no clue that it will expand and reach to this level where now LCWU is supporting them by giving them support through students to work in communities. She thanked Dr. Sabiha Masoor and other organizations working with DOA for their support in uplifting the communities.

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