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Senator Sirajul Haq graces the prize distribution ceremony at Sheikhupura

Senator Sirajul Haq graces the prize distribution ceremony at Sheikhupura Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the womenfolk had abstained from voting in the by election for PK 85 in line with the local culture and there had been no understanding between the political parties on this score.

Speaking at the prize distribution ceremony of organized by private schools under the egis of Islami Nizamat e Ta’leem, (Directorate of Islamic Education), at Sheikhupura on Friday, he however said that the JI women workers had carried out an intensive election campaign and held scores of corner  meetings.

The JI chief pointed out that the average turnout of voters- both men and women- in the elections had been around thirty per cent although exercise of voting right was a national duty. He therefore counseled the government to enact a law under which abstaining from voting was made a crime.

He said that there must be something wrong with the election in NA 125 that had constrained the Election Tribunal to order re-polling. However, he said, that the bed upon which the government was lying had lost one of its supports.

Sirajul Haq reiterated his appeal to the political parties to stop fighting among themselves and instead fight against the problems of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and load shedding and lawlessness facing the country.

Referring to the statements of the state institutions that RAW and MOSAD were involved in  terrorism and subversive activities in the country, the JI chief posed a question as to whose duty it was to foil the enemy designs and conspiracies. He said the rulers had completely failed to protect the life, property and honour of the citizens. He said the rulers were behaving like gods and had least regard for the constitution, the law or merit.  The rulers had no love for this country and all their wealth was lying abroad, he added.

Sirajul Haq declared that if the JI came to power, it would allocate maximum budget for education and the wards of a poor worker would also get quality education.

He said that the west had placed gun and Kalashnikov in the hands of our children while their own children had pens and books in their hands. Half of the Muslim world was in a state of war under a conspiracy hatched by the west, he said, and added that this conspiracy could be foiled by providing best  education to our youth.

Later, while addressing a function at Gujranwala, Sirajul Haq said that the rulers’ worries were increasing with the proceedings of the Judicial Commission which showed there had been massive irregularities in the 2013 polls.

Sirajul Haq said that after the victory of the JI from PK 95, Senator Zahid Khan should resign from the Senate if he was a Pushtoon. He said if the MQM did not agree with the statements of Altaf Husain, it should disown him.

The JI chief said if the Khyber P. Chief Minister staged a sit-in in Islamabad for the rights of the province, he too would join him there

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