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PAT condemns Altaf Hussain’s tirade against Army

PAT Raheeq Abbasi,Khurram Nawaz GandapurLahore: The Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Awami Tehreek met here on Saturday with  President Dr Raheeq Abbasi in the chair. The meeting condemned in very strong words the tirade against the Pakistan Army. The meeting praised the remarkable achievements of the Army in eliminating terrorism and terrorists from the country and prayed for the success of the Operation Zarb-e-Azb. The meeting was of the view that the references against the army and its leadership should not be tolerated and the government should take action in this regard.

The meeting decided to bring out a White Paper on the poor performance of the federal government on May 11, the day the Federal Government completes its two years in office. The meeting took stock of the elections in Gilgit-Baltistan and approved the agenda of the Federal Council meeting to be held on May 3.

A resolution was passed in the meeting against the uncalled for load shedding, inflation, rising prices of daily edible items, target killing and crime of heinous nature being committed all over the country. The resolution demanded that the government take concrete measures for the safeguard of the people of the country.

Addressing the meeting Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Ganda Pur said that the government was a major stumbling block in the free and fair investigation into the Model Town incident and that the government was harboring the criminals behind the killing of PAT workers. He said the government was not making public the judicial Commission report on the Model Town incident. He assured the meeting that the PAT, its leaders and workers would not rest until justice is served and the culprits are given exemplary punishment.

The CEC members in a resolution stated that the government must withdraw instantly the regularity Duty imposed on the prices of petroleum products as this would directly affect the poor man on the street. He demanded that the prices of petroleum products be reduced by a further Rs 10 and the announcement be made immediately.

The meeting prayed for health and quick recovery of the chairman of PAT Dr. Tahirul Qadri. The meeting also decided to restructure the party countrywide. Another resolution demanded that the government end the influence of politicians in the purchase of wheat and the farmers be provided Gunny Bags on merit. The resolution further demanded that the corrupt practices in the Food Department be checked and the influence the officials are exerting on the wheat purchase drive be ended instantly.

The meeting was also attended by Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz, Hanif Ch, Khan Qayyum, Mushtaq Nunari, Qazi Faiz, Bishrat Jaspal, Fayaz Warrich, Razia Naveed, Aiesha Shabbir, Farah Naz, Rafique Najam, Irfan Yousaf, Shoaib Tahir, Ahmed Nawaz Anjum, Tayab Zia.

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