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Anyone speaking against the army is intolerable:Ch Zaheeruddin Khan

Ch Zaheer uddin

Ch Zaheer uddin

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Punjab General Secretary Ch Zaheeruddin Khan has said that anyone speaking against the army, inside or outside the parliament, is intolerable, the govt issued its statement after ISPR’s reaction which is a moment of thought, the government spokesman do not delay a moment in responding to criticism of political opponents, their exigencies regarding the army matter is not understandable.

He expressed these views while addressing a gathering of PML office-bearers and workers in the Muslim League House here today.

He said the army is fighting against terrorism for security of 20 crore civilians, its officers and jawans are offering sacrifices of their lives and achieving successes, at this stage criticism for political objectives is condemnable and amounts to harming the war against terrorism which is highly intolerable, entire nation is firmly behind the army, it does not suit the political parties which accept the Constitution of Pakistan and are part of democratic process that they should ask for help from an enemy country and thus hurt the national sentiments.

He said that on this critical juncture media should also play its national role according to the demands of patriotism, speeches causing hated and provocation should be boycotted. He said there is difference between the State and the government, criticism on the role and governance of the govt is the beauty of democracy, however, hatred and provocation against national state institutions is not acceptable.

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