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SSP Rao Anwaar demands ban on MQM

SSP Rao AnwaarSSP Malir Rao AnwaarLahore: A senior police officer of Karachi police has alleged that MQM is a group of terrorists that has strong ties with Indian spy agency RAW.MQM is more dangerous than Taliban and must be banned in the country.

While addressing a crowded press conference ,SSP Malir Rao Munir revealed that the two terrorists Tahir alias Lamba and Junaid who were caught a day before disclosed that they were being trained by RAW for one month in India.He said that MQM ‘s people go to india via Bangkok for training.

SSP Malir claimed that MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain give directions to Nadeem Nusrat who passes on to concern sectors.He claimed that Altaf Hussain’s close fellow Muhammad Anwar is an Indian citizen.He said that Javaid Langra is a brother of Junaid who is a most trustworthy man of Altaf Hussain.MQM’s boys are being trained in Dhon,a place in New Delhi ,he maintained.

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