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PTI mulls to go back to parliament

pti-imran-khanLahore: The PTI senior leadership met today to discuss two main issues of Election Tribunal Report and the PTI-PML-N agreement on the formation of the Judicial Commission.

On the Election Tribunal Report,The PTI senior leadership welcomed the Report in the democratic spirit, which the PTI embodies. In the light of the Report the following decisions were taken, an Election Commission for PTI will be formed immediately and necessary committees will be formed under the EC to finalise membership and election modalities.

The EC will recommend to the Chairman on the time period required for holding intra-party elections after assessing the administrative/constitutional requirements.

The leadership accepted the Tribunals recommendation regarding dissolution of all elected bodies.

However, the Chairman, in accordance with the Tribunal’s decision to leave it to him to decide in line with the their recommendations, has nominated the dissolved office bearers to their elected offices till the election schedule recommended by the EC. The current political climate and the fluid political situation required this decision as the party cannot function in a vacuum.

On the JC and return to legislatures, the senior leadership discussed the issue and it was concluded that decision whether to return to the assemblies would be taken after the actual formation of the JC.

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