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We will not spare anybody who talks nonsense about Altaf: Qamar Mansoor

Qamar MansoorLahore: MQM has lashed back Imran Khan with harsh words soon after his press conference and said that conspiracy is being hatched against MQM to undermine the Mohajar Community.

MQM Rabita Committee members Qamar Mansoor,Wasay Jalil,Farooq Sattar and others strongly condemned the PTI chairman Imran Khan for making annoying statement and said that Imran Khan has crossed all lines of civility with his character assassination of Altaf Hussain.We all know the state Imran Khan used to be in when he came on his container,Wasay Jalil added.

They said that JIT has no value in court of law but JIT report was being used to conduct a media trial of the MQM. They said that MQM has zero tolerance for terrorists, extortionists and criminal elements.Haider Abbas Rizvi addressing a press conference

Later,Rabita Committee held a press conference and said it was not a abrupt reaction of Imran Khan rather it was a scripted by those who had staged the sit-in in Islamabad. Everyone is understanding the nefarious designs of the press conference that was for .We are giving reply of the hate with love,thousands of lovers of MQM’s quaid Altaf Hussain who are sitting at nine zero,he added.

Haider Abbas Rizvi said International media declared him play boy politician,if I tell the meaning of playboy then civilized people would switch off their TV in houses.PTI was a political wing of Taliban,he added.

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