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Terrorists will be defeated with the force of national unity: Provincial Apex Committee

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif presided over a meeting of Provincial Apex Committee here today which reviewed in detail the measures taken in the province with regard to implementation of national action plan against terrorism.CM PUNJAB ,Provincial Apex Committee

The meeting expressed its satisfaction over the steps taken in this regard, however, it was agreed to take consolidated measures for the more effective implementation of national action plan in Punjab. Corps Commander Lahore Lt. Gen. Naveed Zaman, Provincial Home Minister Col.(R) Shuja Khanzada, Chief Secretary, Director General Rangers Punjab Maj. Gen. Khan Tahir Javed Khan, General Officer Commanding 10th Division Maj. Gen. Aamir Abbasi, Inspector General Police, Secretary Home and other members of the Provincial Apex Committee were present.

The meeting also decided to further accelerate measures being taken under national action plan against terrorism.

The Chief Minister while addressing Provincial Apex Committee, said that the steps being taken with regard to implementation of national action plan are yielding positive results and all departments are discharging their responsibilities with the best coordination. He said that Punjab government has taken immediate and timely measures with the cooperation of concerned institutions under national action plan for the eradication of terrorism and necessary amendments have been made in the laws for making sentences more stringent.

He said that due to the effective measures taken by Pak Army, Police and other law-enforcement agencies, successes are being achieved in the war against terrorism.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Pakistani nation has resolved to eradicate terrorism, extremism and sectarianism on permanent basis. He said that terrorists and extremists will be defeated with the force of national unity and Pakistan will be rid of terrorism and extremism. He said that the whole nation is grieved at the worst barbarity committed by terrorists against innocent children in Peshawar. He said that time has come to purge the country of terrorists and the nation has united to root out this menace.

The Chief Minister further stated that Pakistan will be rid of terrorism and transformed into a haven of peace through an exemplary display of unity and harmony. He said that decisive action is being taken against the brutal elements and the entire nation is standing by its armed forces and law-enforcement agencies in this war. He said that there is a new spirit and determination in Pakistani nation and it is the moment to take decisive action for rooting out the scourge of terrorism from the country.

He said that victory is the only option in this war which will be won at any cost for the survival of the country. He said that Pakistan has the best trained army in the world which is fully capable of dealing with any internal or external challenge and it will defeat the enemies of peace and foil the nefarious designs of anti-Pakistan forces with the full support of the nation.

The Chief Minister said that extraordinary measures are being taken in the existing extraordinary situation for the protection of life and property of citizens and encouraging results are being witnessed. He said that war against terrorism is for the survival of future generations and through collective efforts terrorism and extremism will be eliminated while peace will be restored in the country. He said that terrorism will be rooted out from the country on permanent basis and Pakistan will be made an Islamic welfare state in the real sense.

The meeting reviewed in detail the steps taken for the eradication of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism from Punjab and it was decided to maintain strict vigilance on the entry and exit points of the province as well as spare no effort for the protection of life and property of citizens.

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