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Speakers pay homage to late CJP(r) Nassem Hassan Shah at NPT

Lahore: Dr. Syed Naseem Hassan Shah and I formed part of the larger bench of the Supreme Court, consisting of eleven members, which boldly upheld the supremacy of the Parliament, restoring the National Assembly dissolved by President Ghulam Ishaque Khan, who could influence the judiciary by dint of the powers granted to him under article 58, 2 (B). Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Muhammad Rafique Tarar expressed these ideas at condolence reference held at the sad demise of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Dr. Syed Naseem Hassan Shah at the Aiwan-i-Karkunan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan under the aegis of the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust in collaboration with the Pakistan Movement Workers Trust.Speakers pay homage to late CJP(r) Nassem Hassan Shah at NPT 07-02-15

The speakers included Chairman Professor Dr. Rafique Ahmad, former Sindh Chief Minister Syed Ghaus Ali Shah, Former Chief Justice (r) Mian Mehboob Ahmad, former Justice (r) Mian Aftab Farrukh, former Justice (r) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan, former PCB Chairman Khalid Mehmood, Muhammad Asif Bhalli advocate, Syed Muhammad Irfan Aqeel (son-in-law of the deceased) and Dr. Rashid Amjad (maternal nephew of the deceased.

The proceedings of the condolence reference were conducted by Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Secretary Shahid Rasheed.

Delivering his presidential address, Muhammad Rafique Tarar observed that the deceased had not let his pygmaean stature cause him embarrassment or shyness. He had amazing self-confidence and a great sense of dignity and honour. His record-breaking 26-year-long tenure as judge included the historic restoration of the Nawaz Government, which resolved a constitutional crisis. His intelligence, brilliance and quick-wittedness earned him a high status at home and abroad. With his great sense of humour, he was adept at animating and enlivening every gathering with laughter, colour and light.

Professor Dr. Rafique Ahmad observed that the deceased had helped the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust to get functional with his wise counsel. His devotion to education was exemplary. He also acted as president to the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam. May Allah overlook the minor human weaknesses and grant the deceased an elevated status in the hereafter, the doctor observed.

Syed Ghaus Ali Shah observed that the deceased had a great commitment to Pakistan and loved those who displayed it. The two-nation theory was considered to be the life-blood of Pakistan by him, as the Hindus and the Muslims essentially constituted two entirely different nations.

Mian Mehboob Ahmad observed that the deceased displayed a refreshing sense of humour throughout his life. Despite their pygmaean stature, his three daughters, just like their father had managed to attain a high position in their respective fields. Sometimes, we are prone to compromise our principles for our personal projection. Allah may overlook our minor faults by his special grace, he said.

Justice (r) Mian Aftab Farrukh said that the deceased was a great orator with a dazzling sense of humour. It was his intelligence, honesty and ability that had secured him such an enviable position.

Justice (r) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan observed that the deceased had turned his short-stature into his power. He was a highly patriotic person abhorring those who extolled secularism without understanding what it actually was.

Khalid Mehmood said that the deceased ran the administrative affairs of the P.C.B. very ably in spite of the fact that  he had no experience whatsoever in this field.

Muhammad Asif Bhalli observed that a great person results from small virtues found in an organized manner in his personality.

Syed Muhammad Irfan Aqeel said that the deceased was always well-dressed and had the rare virtue of empathy. On his death-led he would ask forgiveness of the doctors for causing them trouble.

Dr. Rashid Amjad said that the deceased had done his Ph.D. in French. He also stood for female worker’s rights.

Maulana Muhammad Shafi Josh led a session of prayers for the elevation of the soul of the deceased.


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