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“Double Pension Counters” established at all District Accounts Offices

Ombudsman Punjab Javaid MahmoodLahore: Accountant General Punjab Imran Iqbal, following the directions of Ombudsman Punjab Javed Mahmood, has set up “Facilitation Centre” at AG Office Lahore and “Double Pension Counters” at all District Accounts Offices to receive the arrear claims of pensioners of 75 and above.

Since “Facilitation Centre” and “Double Pension Counters” are made functional and processing of arrear claims have been started so the old pensioners submit their claims to AG Punjab and District Accounts Office concerned as per schedule, advised the Ombudsman Punjab. He had also asked the old pensioners to feel free while contacting Ombudsman Offices at any district if their accrued right is denied.

Ombudsman Punjab Javed Mahmood in a letter to Accountant General Punjab has emphasized that aim of facilitation should be kept in mind during the payment procedure and old pensioners should not faced troubles while getting their constitutional and legitimate right of double pension arrears.

He recalled that Punjab Government had already notified a payment plan according to which pensioners who retired prior to July o1, 1991 would get their arrears of double pension from February 01 to February 28, 2015, pensioners who retired on or after July 01, 1991 to June 30, 1994 would be paid from March 01 to March 31, 2015, who retired on or after July 01, 1994 to November 30, 2001 would get their dues from April 01 to May 31, 2015 and pensioners who retired on or after December 01, 2001 to date would get their arrears of double pension from June 01 to June 30, 2015.

Following the directions of Ombudsman Punjab, Accountant General Punjab to has set up “Facilitation Centre” at AG Office Lahore and ‘Double Pension Counters’ at all District Accounts Offices for the old pensioners who would pay visit to these offices for re-fixation of pension after restoration of their right of ‘Double Pension’.

Dedicated staff for the required assistance to the old pensioners besides other facilitations has also been ensured. Ombudsman Punjab has also asked Governor State Bank of Pakistan to direct all the scheduled banks to do special arrangements for the payment of arrears of double pension to the old retired employees of Punjab government.

For the purpose, special counters should be set up along with dedicated and cordial staff as old pensioners need more personalized attention and they are senior citizens as well. All the pensioners entitled for the arrears of double pension are over the age of 75 years and they are unable to bear the inconvenience of standing in long queues so all the banks be directed for facilitations including seating arrangements inside the bank with conducive environment, says the Ombudsman Punjab. Ombudsman Punjab has directed all the advisors at district level to personally visit the banks and District Accounts Offices and monitor the facilities rendered by the banks.

Ombudsman Office will protect the rights of retired employees of the Punjab government and I will personally monitor all the process of payments of double pension and Incharge Mohtasib Punjab Pension Cell Wazir Ahmad Qureshi will coordinate, says Ombudsman Punjab. He has asked the pensioners to immediately contact to concerned District Advisor to the Ombudsman or Ombudsman Office Lahore in case of inconvenience or non-cooperation in payments or procedure on the part of District Accounts Office or bank officials.

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