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India and US had stand united to attack Pakistan’s solidarity: Liaqat Baloch

Liaqat BalochLahore:  Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that the US foreign policy had always been in favour of India and it had simply been offering lollypops to this country despite its directives of Do-More and promises of aid and support.

In a statement,Liaqat Baloch said that at one time, the US under the leadership of Nobel Prize winner Barak Obama was not ready to issue visa to Narendera Modi because of the massacre of human beings. However, after the BJP’s coming into power, both India and US had stood united and were attacking Pakistan’s solidarity and military power.

He said that India and the US were pressurizing Islamabad to support the US puppet regime in Afghanistan and at the same time, pressure was being exerted on Islamabad for the use of military power within the country.  The common goal of the both countries was to keep this country involved in internal problems and to be out of touch with the developments on its western borders. He said that the policy statements of US President Obama  in India were a serious threat for the region.

Liaqat Baloch said the Kashmiri people had fully exposed India’s fascist face through their protests and wheel jam strike during Obams’a visit and had shown to the world that India, the so called world largest democracy, herself was not allowing the right of self determination to the Kashmiris and was persistently refusing to implement the UN  Security Council resolutions.

He termed the visits of former President Asif Zardari, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif to China as timely and in the right direction, and said these would help further strengthen the ties between the two countries. However, he counseled Prime Minister to keep the nation united on the basis of the Islamic system and a firm stand on Kashmir and other national issues.

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