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Annual Status of Education Report has refuted Punjab Government’s tall claims:Andleeb Abbas

Andleeb AbbasLahore: Information secretary Andleeb Abbas said the tall claims of Shahbaz Sharif that he has declared education emergency in the province has been exposed in the recent Annual Status of Education Report (ASER). She said the report highlights that Punjab this year has shown depressing results as compared to KP, which question the efficacy of the so-called education emergency imposed by Shahbaz Sharif.

She said the report shows that Punjab falls behind in education then rest of the Provinces. She added KP has been emerged as the best performing province in terms of education standards.

She said the report has revealed that 43 per cent of Class-V children in Punjab could not read Class-II level sentences. Similarly, some 37 per cent of the children could not read story in Urdu. She said if these are the results after education emergency then it shows the worst policy implementation skills of Punjab Government.

She said PML-N Government has spend 100 Billion on Islamabad & Multan Metro Bus project which has not been audited and is the most expensive Metro Bus project in the world which shows that where the focus of PML-N lies.

In the statement she said PML-N lies to end electricity & gas shortage in the country. She said now the public realizes that if this incompetent government remains in power for the next three years then Pakistan will be without water, jobs and food items.

She said no country has never ever developed by making just roads & bricks rather than brains. She said lack of education facilities especially in South Punjab proves PTI stance that PML-N Government has failed six times in Punjab will fail again.

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