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Terrorism is a big hurdle in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan:Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that national action plan is a joint strategy for the elimination of terrorism and extremism. He said that a decisive war is being fought against the brutal elements which have killed innocent Pakistanis and victory in this war is essential for the survival and progress of the country besides ensuring a safe future for the coming generations.

He expressed these views while talking to assembly members of various districts, here today.CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif meeting with parliamentarians

The Chief Minister said that terrorism is a big hurdle in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. He said that terrorism and lawlessness have caused loss of billions of rupees to national economy. He said that the menace of terrorism will be rooted out from the country and Pakistan will be transformed into a peaceful and prosperous welfare state in accordance with the vision of founders of the country.

He said that every member of the society will have to play his role for the restoration of peace in the society. He said that implementation of national action plan will result in elimination of terrorism from Pakistan and the unity and determination of the national leadership is a strong message to the terrorists that they will soon meet their logical end.

Shahbaz Sharif said that collective efforts are being made for the eradication of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism from the country and in the war against the elements who have played with innocent lives, the final victory will be of 18 crore people of Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan will be rid of the enemies of peace and humanity and the whole nation is united and determined to root out terrorists who will find no place in the country. He said that terrorists have given grief and sorrow to the nation by shedding the blood of innocent children and their teachers in Army Public School Peshawar and they will be held accountable for every drop of blood of the martyrs. He said that time has come to root out the menace of terrorism from the country.

He said that the nation has unanimously decided that terrorism will be rooted out from the country and the sincere efforts being made in this regard will prove successful and Pakistan will again emerge as a haven of peace and tranquility. He said that the day of accountability of terrorists has come and elimination of terrorism is the voice of every Pakistani.

The Chief Minister said that terrorists have ruthlessly shed the blood of Pakistanis including officers and jawans of Pak-Army, police and common citizens. He said that elimination of terrorism is need of the hour and the war against terrorism is being fought with full courage and spirit. He said that Pak-Army is fighting against terrorists with courage and determination and the whole nation is in support of dealing with the terrorists with an iron hand.

He said that all religions of the world give the message of love to children but the brutal elements ruthlessly martyred innocent children of Army Public School and these savages deserve no leniency. He said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has adopted a unanimous strategy with the consultation of national leadership in the war against terrorism and bold decisions have been taken in this regard. He said that war against terrorism will be won at any cost and Pakistan will be made a peaceful and prosperous country.


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