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Murder case to be registered against the Sindh CM & his cabinet :Siraj ul Haq

pic amir jipLahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has called for shifting the Sindh provincial capital to Thar for three years and holding of federal cabinet meetings in Tharparkar saying that this was the only solution of the backwardness and acute poverty in the desert area.

Addressing a “Save Thar” rally at Mithi, the headquarters of Tharparkar on Tuesday, he stressed that emergency measures were required to pull the Thar area out of the present critical situation. He suggested to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to immediately call a federal cabinet meeting in Thar so that the rulers spending most of their time in palaces were able to know about the plight of the people living in Thar like areas where death had been ruling since long.

Sirajul Haq also demanded that an FIR underpic  sirajul haq section 302 PPC be registered against the Sindh Chief Minister and his cabinet for the death of more than six hundred children in the Thar area due to hunger and poverty within one year.

The JI chief noted that there was a vast desert area like Thar in India as well which was however fully irrigated and had flush green crops whereas the Thar in this country remained totally neglected as a desert. He said that the Thar and Badin areas were full of rich minerals including coal, gas, granite and other natural resources but little effort had been made to develop these.

Sirajul Haq said that after coming to power, the politicians forgot their election promises. He said that economic and political terrorism had made the plight of the masses still worse. He said that the feudal lords, vaderas and capitalists were busy in plunder of public wealth and it was due to their lavish livings that the every new born child in the country was under the debt of more.

He stressed upon the government to control corruption and non- development expenditure and play its role for the development of Sindh. He said if the masses elected the JI to power, the JI would evolve uniform systems of education and health for the entire country. He urged the people having love for the country and Sindh to stand by the JI against tyranny and He said that several children had died in Thar due to shortage of oxygen, and announced that the Al-Khidmat Foundation would make every effort to overcome this shortage.

JI Sindh chief, Dr Merajul Huda, speaking on the occasion, said it was unfortunate that the Sindh government had a huge sum of 1600 million dollars for the purchase of a new helicopter for the Sindh CM, but it did not a penny for the children starving in Thar.

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