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JI wants to build an Islamic Pakistan :Sirajul Haq

JI Ijtimah aerial viewSiraj ul HaqLahore: Ameer, Jamat e Islami,  Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the JI wanted to build an Islamic Pakistan wherein the women enjoyed so enormous rights that the women in Britain and the US envied them.  He was addressing the participants of an international women conference held at the Minar e Pakistan, on the second day of the JI Ijtema. More than fifty thousand women from all over the country are attending the Ijtema along with their small children. The topic of the women conference was the role of the women in the changing world.

Sirajul Haq said the presence of such a large number of women at the Ijtema was a manifestation that the Pakistani women were not impartial in the war between right and wrong, between Islam and the forces of Kufr. These women stood with Islam in its war against hypocrisy. These women believed that Allah alone was Supreme and none other was supreme.  They did not consider the US, Britain or Russia as supreme, he added. He said that with such  a large attendance of women at the Ijtema, he was seeing an Islamic revolution as close as the Minar e Pakistan.

The JI chief debunked the west propaganda that Islam denied the women rights and said the fact was otherwise. He said it was Islam that gave the women the right to inheritance and ownership of her property.

He said that fourteen centuries ago, Islam had established a paradise on the earth in the form of a household with the sacred relationships of husband and wife, mother and son, sister and brother, aunt and niece and so on.  He said that the west had demolished all these sacred relationships, denied the women their genuine rights and even thrust upon her shoulder the responsibility of earning livelihood. In spite of all this, the west claimed to be the champion of women rights.

The JI chief said that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was the greatest benefactor of the humanity as also the women. The Prophet had said that whoever had two daughters, and he brought them up with love and affection, would be with him in the paradise as two fingers of his hand. It was the Prophet who preached sanctity of the mother for her children and declared that the paradise for a son lay in his mother’s feet.

The JI said that the women comprised fifty one per cent of the country’s population but the country’s banks did not grant loans to them although they liberally grated loans to corrupt politicians and industrialists. He declared that an Islamic government would grant interest free loans to the women so that they could bring up their children and make them as useful citizens.

He said some people were of the view that the country could progress  only if its womenfolk worked shoulder to shoulder with the men as in the  west. He said in fact, these people wanted that the fortress of the home which Islam had given us, be demolished as in the west. He said this was a Satanic idea. Satan who had expelled Adam and Eve from paradise, now wanted to demolish this fortress of the home. However, he said that the Pakistani women would frustrate this conspiracy.

Sirajul Haq asked the womenfolk present at the conference if they would take Hazrat Fatima (RA),  as a model or a Hollywood women, they shouted that their model was Fatima(RA).

He said that every movement that had the support of the women had always been successful in the human history. Therefore, he was sure that the JI’s movement for an Islamic Pakistan enjoying the support of the women folk, would Inshallah be successful.

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