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We stand with flood hit people: Ch Shafay Hussain

Photo Shafay Hussain 01 {Sep12-14}ChLahore: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) central leader Ch Shafay Hussain has said that in this difficult time we stand with the flood hit people, neither the rulers had done nothing to save the people from flood, rescue and restoration nor they would do, they were in the habit of merely rendering lip service.

He was talking after distribution of ration among the flood affected people during visit to the flood hit areas of PP-110 Gujrat.

Expressing heartfelt sorrow and grief over the life and property losses of the effected people, he assured that every possible assistance would be provided to the effected people.

Ch Shafay Hussain said that N-League’s inefficient and incompetent rulers in Punjab had wasted entire money of the people in jangla bus service and other flop schemes, if this money was utilized on construction of new dams and strengthening of protective embankments of the rivers then so much destruction would not have been caused by flood, devastation of standing crops had not only caused big losses to the farmers but the production of wheat and rice would be lesser in the country.

He said entire nation should help the flood hit people to the maximum extent possible and they should be fully supported.

On this occasion, Zubair Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Afzal Subhan, Javed Bahadur, Ch Inamul Haq, Ch Omar Bashir, Qazi Khalid Saifullah and other PML leaders were also present.

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