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Khadim e Alaa should accept the responsibility of the kids death:PTI

PTI vice president Dr Seemi Bukhari is examning a patient at medical camp in ShahdaraLahore: Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, President Punjab Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary and General Secretary Punjab Yasmeen Rashid and other officials have expressed deep remorse and sorrow over the deaths of people in daroghawala due to the roof-collapse incident of the Mosque Hanfia and prayed that may Allah grant the deceased a high rank in Jannah and grant the families of the deceased enough strength to bear this loss.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf President Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhary expressed deep sorrow over the deaths of the children who died because of the unavailability of oxygen tanks in District Hospital Vehari, he added that because of the criminally irresponsible governance this incident has occurred and this is condemnable beyond words.

So called ‘servant of the people’ (Khadim e Alaa) should accept the responsibility of these deaths instead of taking notice of them, this incident is symbol of the failure and bad governance of this Government. The lives of the children could be saved if it was made sure that oxygen tanks were available in time. He demanded an investigation and to make sure that all the responsible authorities are held accountable; he said shahbaz sharif is busy with his helicopter visits and photo sessions, while his administration has completely failed.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Ticket holder of NA 118 Hamid Zaman distributed aid among the people of Haji Kot in Shahdara, more than 60 families were given food for a month which included wheat flour, oil, sugar, rice, range of pulses, salt, milk, tea, biscuits, water and other daily use products. While distributing products to the flood affected people hamid zaman and Engineer Yasir Gillani said that Tehreek Insaf believes in serving the people in the real sense.

Tehreek Insaf stands beside the flood stricken people and will continue to help them. It is the responsibility of the government to provide relief to the flood stricken people. All the humanitarians should also step forward and help the flood stricken people as much as they can.

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