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Elections are near, I shall alone fight all of them: Imran Khan

Imran KhanLahore: PTI chairman Imran Khan has claimed that Elections are near, I shall alone fight all of them.I want all the thieves to get together, they will make noise even more against us but victory will be ours,he vowed.

While addressing the participants of the sit-in in Islamabad,Imran Khan said They have not understood the difference between noon and junoon,If containers are not removed then PTI’s tigers will remove them like wind blows away paper,he added.

Imran Khan said that the nation will fight for its rights now & will liberate itself. We will make a Naya Pakistan,he maintained.PTI chief said tomorrow we will state to the CJP that these 800 containers are illegal, CJP we are looking for justice towards you.He said that if on a Monday we can have such a huge gathering of passionate people for Azadi, then these numbers will increase more now.PTi sit in

While addressing the prime minister,he said Nawaz Sharif I know that you can’t sleep these days and have to take tablets to sleep.Maulana sb, if your diesel tank has drained, get it refueled and fight with us again, Imran Khan said while taking a snide at Fazl-ur-Rehman.

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