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PTI dismissed Attorney General report about losses due to sit in

Mian Mehmood Lahore: Leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly and member Core Committee PTI Mian Mehmood ur Rashid has criticized Attorney General report which was presented in the Supreme Court on the 547 billion loss the government has suffered due to the sit-ins in Islamabad.
opposition leader said Rs 500 billion that was given to clear the circular debt and Rs. 37 billion gulped in the name of the Nandipur Power Project, he said that during one year Pakistan has lost Rs 1000 billion due to the departmental corruption and tax evasion, who should be held responsible? He questioned.He said the First Information Report against the ruler’s crime have been inscribed on the hearts of the people of the country and one day the government will be held accountable, he said.
According to AG report that 2 Lac children could not attend school because of PTI, PAT demonstration is a pack of lies, the factual position is that these children were kept away from school as hundreds of containers were placed on the roads and all types of traffic was impossible. He said it is astonishing that the Punjab CM & PM was never worried when these children were stopped from going to school by the containers placed by the Punjab government to seal the whole of the province.
Mian Mahmood said it is a shame that the federal government is worried about the loss the Islamabad traders are suffering but was not moved when the Punjab traders suffered losses worth billions when the Punjab government wheel-jammed the business in Punjab by installing containers all over the province. He said that the Punjab businessmen suffered Rs 100 billion losses due to the unscheduled power and gas load shedding. Why does the government not see this and why does it turn a blind eye to the mismanagement and corruption? He questioned.
He said that AG submitted in the court that the administration spent an extra 13 crore for maintenance of law & order. He said this less than the Rs 224 million the government has spent on the freshly acquired bulletproof cars for the prime minister.
Mian Mehmood ur Rashid said that the country and people have suffered losses worth trillions of rupees due to the 30-year rule of the Sharifs’ and this loss can never by bought back. He said the lies of the government stand exposed in regard to the visit of the Chinese President as the Chinese government in a statement has said that ‘’the dates of the visit were never finalized. Therefore the question of the cancellation of the visit does not arise.’’

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