Wednesday , July 18 2018
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Worst rigging revealed in NA-128

ImagaLahore: A worst rigging has been revealed in another constituency of National Assembly NA-128 in Lahore where elections result had been declared more than 31 thousands cast votes.The report has been presented to election tribunal who will make decision on it.

According to the details,PML-N Afzal Khokhar victory was announced  in this constituency against PTI’s Karamat Ali Bhatti who had challenged the elections results.This constituency has 3,34,256 registered votes.During the checking of the votes it was disclosed that Returning officer announced the result of the elections on 2.23132 lakh votes whereas 1.92660 lakh votes were cast in this constituency.Not a single vote was found from the bags of the polling station 11 where 12 thousands votes were shown.

PML-N MNA Afzal Khokhar has shown his mistrust upon the judge after votes scam has been unearthed.

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