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PTI will not take part in any byelections :Ijaz Ch

Ijaz ChLahore: Pakistan tehreek insaf president Punjab Ijaz ahmad chaudhry said that PTI will not take part in any by elections after resigning from the assemblies, on September 22nd PTI will not take part in the by elections held in sheikhupura PP162, there was massive rigging in the elections, the rulers today are the result of that rigging so PTI does not acknowledge these rulers. PTI disclosed the rigging in the election and is now protesting which is their democratic right. The Cabinet Minister conceded that 60 to 70 thousand votes are not verifiable. After these elections 14 constituencies have been opened for investigations and there was substantial evidence to prove that these elections were rigged. 75 thousand votes were proven to be bogus, after enquiry of NA 128. The government feared the inquiry and examination of these votes and because of that refused to investigate the 4 constituencies. These rulers have lost the right to govern morally because they have shamed the sanctity of the public’s vote. Tehreek insaf will continue its protest until Nawaz sharif resigns. The government who had taken 2 and half crore votes is lying continuously to the public that the elections held on 11th May 2013 were unpolluted. Now all the evidences of rigging as well as the people who were behind it have been exposed by PTI. Election commission does not have the actual votes but has sacks of bogus votes. Tehreek insaf won’t back down from its rightful stand. Tehreek insaf has woken the public up and now everyone is talking about the massive rigging in the elections and how this government is also phony, that’s why the people sipport Imran Khan’s stance and his words are making such a huge impact.  There is only one honest and true leader in Pakistan, Imran Khan.

Pakistan tehreek Insaf Punjab’s General Sectary Doctor Yasmeen Rashid and Minority Wing Punjab President MPA shanila rout said in their mutual statement that Punjab Police is stopping the workers and public to take part in the protests and demonstrations on the orders of the Government Officials. The police of district Nankana stopped the Minority Wings Senior Vice President Mahindar Pal along with his companions from taking part in the protests and from going to Islamabad. On one hand the rulers are commencing negotiations and on the other hand police is forcing the public and workers to not take part in the protests. The rulers have gotten so afraid of the peaceful democratic protests that they are depriving people of their basic democratic right. The actions of Nankana Police are condemnable. The government and Punjab police should quit stopping our workers and public, our silence should not be mistaken as our weakness, otherwise the protests shall become more rigorous in Punjab.

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