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Ch Nisar surprized everyone in his press conference

Ch Nisar Ali Khan press conferenceLahore: Interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has surprized political analysts,politicians and the PPP by saying that he has forgiven Aitzaz Ahsan for what he said in the joint session of the parliament,his speech was a record of parliament but I request to his speech should be considered a FIR against him and a judicial commission is to be formed to probe into the allegations.

While addressing a crowded press conference here in Islamabad,Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that opposition to recommend the panel of the judges ,if he or his brother proved guilty,he would resign from ministry and happily face any punishment suggested for me.He said as country needs unity and political harmony so I will not  reply rather suggesting probe of the allegations.He said my brother earn more respect than me while serving for the army.

Political analysts and majority of the politicians were expecting that Ch Nisar will lament Ch Aitzaz Ahsan to equal score but he expressed quit different attitude and reconcile with Aitzaz Ahsan.

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