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Hijab is the shield for womenfolk :Speakers addressing the Hijab Conference

pic women confLahore: Speakers addressing the Hijab Conference on the international Hijab Day here Thursday stressed that Hijab/ veil was the shield for womenfolk and a guarantee for the purity of the society.

Hijab is the natural right of the women and obligatory for the Muslim women, they said

and added that in the so called liberal and free societies, the women folk were treated as plaything.  On the other hand, Islam has given respect and dignity to the women by giving emphasis to modesty and the enforcement of the Hijab laws.

Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, in his telephonic address to the conference from Islamabad, said that the colonial powers had attacked the Muslim Ummah and were targeting the Islamic symbols. He said the protection of the Hijab was also essential along with the sanctity of the prophet hood, moral values, Jehad and the family system.

Sirajul Haq noted that the Islamic culture and way of life had always been bracketed with extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism.  Ban had been imposed on Hijab in France, Holland and Denmark while the girl students and women wearing Hijab in Germany and some other western countries were also facing problems.

The other speakers included Begum Qazi Husain Ahmed, Humera Tariq, Zakya Shah Nawaz, Begu syeda Abida Husain Nabeera Naeemi, Ghazala Saad Rafiq, Begum Shahjehand, and others.

Dr Sameeha Raheel Qazi, President, international Muslim Women Union, Asia region, in her address, said that the women were the foundations of civilizations. A women, she said, is the finest expression of the divine beauty and love. It was the law of nature to keep beautiful things hidden from the common eye so as to maintain their worth and importance. Every sacred thing was kept in a cover. She said the importance of the Hijab still understood in our society and the womenfolk were given respect. She said the west’s campaign against Hijab was biased.

Eminent scholar and coloumnist, Orya Maqbool Khan, in his address to the moot, explained the main differences between the Muslim and the western societies in regard to modesty and Hijab. He said the west’s efforts to bring the Muslim women out of Hijab was a conspiracy with the

intention that the Muslim ladies should adopt the western life style and lose their respect an dignity.

Dr Kausar Firdaus, President, International Muslim Union, in her address, said that Islam was the religion of peace and tolerance and protected the respect and dignity of human beings.

She said that the Muslim woman preached her ideology through her conduct. She said that the west s propaganda against Hijab was proving counter productive as Hijab was becoming popular with every passing day.

A resolution adopted at the moot paid tributes to the Gaza ladies for their valiant struggle against the Zionist tyranny. It demanded that the Hijab Day should be observed on September four at government level.

It also demanded total ban on Indian films and dramas as these projected the womenfolk as piece of advertisement. It urged the government to give a message to the world community that Hijab was the basic right of the womenfolk and women should be projected as a mode of advertisement.

It called for an end to the propaganda against Hijab on the national media and an encouragement of   Hijab in the offices and educational institutions.


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