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PTI Punjab holds party meeting for evolving strategy

Ijaz Ch,Dr.Yasmeen Rashid ch

Lahore: PTI Punjab held an important meeting today. Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry, President PTI Punjab, hosted the meeting that was attended by the all the regional presidents, general secretaries, district presidents, MPA and MNAs, and all the party ticket holders.

All the attendees focused on the future strategy of the on going sit-in in Islamabad. They workers insisted that they trust the leadership of the chairman, Imran Khan, and they will protest till the government fulfills all of their demands. They further stated that the all the protesters have marked the history of Pakistan with their peaceful protest in order to fight for their rights.

Provincial party president Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry and Sec. General Yasmeen Rashid while talking to the workers stated that the present government has killed and tortured innocent people in Model Town Lahore and Islamabad and said that PTI will keep fighting for the rights of the destitute and poor people.

They persuaded that the current PML-N government is illegitimate which is the result of the massive rigging in the 2013 elections and they have no right to stay in power with the false mandate while all the incompetent and corrupt allies are trying to protect the family dictatorship of Sharif family.

She said that PTI doesn’t believe in third parties trying to intervene in the democratic system and they will uphold the dignity of the Parliament. Ejaz Ch said that It was PML-N who requested the COAS to intervene as a facilitator.

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