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PTI workers were not involved in violence: Imran Khan

ProtestersLahore: PTI chief Imran Khan has said that his party workers were not involved in violence,they were behind the PAT workers so  there was no question arise that they attacked force or presidency,parliament house.

Imran Khan who was looking not in high moral after ISPR press release and FIR against him under anti terrorists act, while addressing the participants of the sit-in,Imran Khan said as per the FIR ,I should be behind the bars but I am here on the container and talking to you.He said I am a captain so telling you that we have won the match so everybody reach D-Chowk to celebrate our victory.

He announced that after the party president media talk our ways have parted.He addressed a press conference on someone hint,Imran Khan added.

Later he announced that  we will not go to PM house and  went for sleeping .

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